Civcon have a proven track record in providing best for project solutions for technically challenging civil construction projects. Our people are highly skilled in adopting methodologies and technologies to significantly reduce project time frames whilst ensuring quality, safety and cost effectiveness. We excel at community and stakeholder engagement throughout all stages of project delivery, ensuring our own operations have minimal impact on those of our clients.


👥 ATCO Gas Australia & PTA

📅 Jan 18 - Oct 18


📅 Oct 13 - Dec 14

👥 MacMahon Contractors

📅 Sep 16 - Feb 17

👥 Main Roads WA & PTA

📅 Apr 18 - Sept 18

👥 City of South Perth

📅 Nov 16 - Jan 18

👥 CPB / Broad Construction

📅 Dec 14 - Dec 15

👥 Public Transport Authority

📅 Oct 16 - Aug 18


📅 Jun 17 - Jan 18

👥 Water Corporation

📅 Sep 15 - Nov 15

👥 Public Transport Authority

📅 Apr 17 - Mar 18

👥 Lend Lease

📅 Jan 17 - Jun 17

👥Crown Perth

📅 Jan 18 - Apr 18

👥 Curtin University of Technology

📅 Nov 15 - Nov 16



perth stadium infrastructure


January 2018 – October 2018,

Civcon delivered several of the new Perth Stadium’s infrastructure requirements including the installation of gas mains on behalf of ATCO Gas Australia and the construction of pedestrian and shared paths on behalf of the Public Transport Authority (PTA) across Burswood Park.

The project team supported PTA with optimised design and construction methodology to provide a faster and cost-effective solution, implemented a strict environmental management plan for the treatment of contaminated soil, and worked collaboratively with stakeholders and the local community to minimise construction impacts on Stadium operations, visitors, cyclists and pedestrians.


AShton Avenue Bridge Forward Works


April 2018 – September 2018

This project involved civil and forward works required to remove and replace Ashton Avenue Bridge to enable access to the Claremont Showgrounds. Civcon delivered works including demolition, high-risk excavation and the construction of Pedestrian Shared Paths (PSP) for Coleman Rail on behalf of the Public Transport Authority and Main Roads WA.

The project was located alongside a live rail reserve presenting additional safe working and encroachment requirements. Civcon’s previous experience working alongside a live rail reserve on the Bayswater PSP and Pedestrian Bridge project enabled knowledge sharing to maximise understanding of PTA’s safe working and rail permit requirements.

Civcon completed all works close to the railway without any safety incidences, on time and within budget.


Ranford road stages 2, 3 and 4


October 2016 – August 2017

The Ranford Road Bus Lane Project was part of the Public Transport Authority’s (PTA) Bus Priority Program. The program aims to provide relief at significant congestion points within the bus network by constructing additional lanes for the sole use of the PTA bus service during peak traffic hours.

Civcon were engaged for Stages 2 and 3 to construct additional lanes along the existing two-lane Ranford Road, eastbound from Railway Bridge No. 5157 to Nicholson Road. After the successful delivery of Stages 2 and 3, Civcon were contracted for Stage 4 works to construct a lane in the westbound direction.

Civcon worked closely with the City of Canning and the PTA to combine the objectives of the City’s Integrated Transport Strategy and PTA’s Bus Priority Program within each Stage. Strong community and stakeholder engagement, as well as safe, efficient traffic management, contributed to the success of these projects.


Construction of the Bayswater Principal Shared Path (PSP)


April 2017 – March 2018

The Public Transport Authority (PTA) contracted Civcon for the construction of a Principle Shared Path (PSP) connection adjacent to the southern side of the existing Bayswater Train Station. The scope of works included the construction of a PSP bridge to span the existing underpass, new access ramp at the western end of works, retaining structures and installation of new fencing on the rail reserve alignment.

The project site was located within a rail reserve with live traffic and high-voltage overhead power lines. Strict safety management parameters and effective pedestrian and vehicle interface management were required at all times.

Bayswater PSP & Pedestrian Bridge.jpg



January 2018 – April 2018

Crown Perth engaged Civcon to modify the entrance to its newly opened multi-level carpark on Glenn Place and to optimise overall traffic flow. Works included road reconstruction, construction of new roundabouts, relocation of the existing car park entrance, and resurfacing Glenn Place.

The project was located in a complex environment with strict requirements for roads to remain open to Crown Casino users, both vehicular and pedestrian, at all times.

Glenn 2.JPG



October 2013 - December 2014

The Wellington Street Stage 2B South and Median Island was the final component of the Perth City Link Project. Works involved the installation of a traffic median at Wellington Street (between Little Milligan Street and King Street) and the traffic island at King Street Intersection. Associated infrastructure requirements included the removal of existing concrete base and replacement with thick lift asphalt in the existing roadway, widening of existing footpaths, high-spec paving and landscaping, and upgrading existing lighting in the southern half of Wellington Street, between King Street and William Street.

Works were delivered under strict requirements to keep roads open for pedestrian and vehicular traffic at all times. Extensive liaison with numerous stakeholders, including Western Power, the City of Perth, Water Corporation, and the surrounding residents and businesses was essential.

The scope of works was completed in an extremely tight timeframe with minimal interruption to the public or surrounding residences.

Wellington 2B.jpg



November 2016 – January 2018

Civcon successfully delivered the Millers Pool Restoration project under the City of South Perth’s Foreshore Strategy and Management Plan. The multidisciplinary project incorporated engineering, landscaping, art installations, and recreational and environmental components.

Civcon were required to upgrade the road at the Mill Point Road entrance and construct a new car park employing Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) principals to treat storm water run-off prior to entering Millers Pool and the Swan River. The scope of work included the treatment of Acid Sulphate Soils (ASS), demolition, excavation works, site clean-up works, and waste removal.

Civcon delivered all works under strict environmental regulations in compliance with the Swan River Trust and the Department of Water and Environmental Regulations.

This project is another addition to Civcon’s extensive portfolio of works along the Swan River.

Millers Pool.JPG



June 2017 – January 2018

The King Street and Public Space project involved extending King Street from Perth City into Northbridge, as part of the Perth City Link Project to provide a pedestrian connection between the CBD and Northbridge. The Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority (MRA) awarded Civcon with this project after the successful completion of other aspects of the Perth City Link project.

The scope of works involved earthworks and pavement works (including Australia’s first exposed aggregate concrete road), installation of services and stormwater drainage pits, pipes, kerbing, precast concrete walls and timber cladding, and landscaping including local trees, installation of drink fountains and planter boxes.

The high-profile location of King Street and surrounding areas required Civcon to complete the works to the highest standards. Collaborative stakeholder engagement and community consultation activities were required to minimise interruptions to local businesses and pedestrian access.

Kings St 3.jpg

Waterbank INFRASTRUCTURE and public domain


January 2017 – Ongoing

The Waterbank project is located in East Perth on the edge of the Perth city centre and the Swan River. The site will be developed over the next ten years and will include residential, commercial and retail developments as well as public realm, green spaces, wetlands, riverfront promenades, a town square and the Hay Street pier.

Lendlease has been awarded the development of Waterbank in close collaboration with the WA Government, the Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority (MRA) and City of Perth. 

Civcon were contracted by Lendlease in January 2017 to install the sewer system to feed the development site. The scope of works involved deep sewer construction, precast concrete access chambers, micro-tunnelling, installation of external reticulation, construction of temporary access roads and hardstands, construction of the Trinity Avenue diversion, earthworks, management of contaminated soil, and dewatering works.

The project team implemented material tracking and worked closely with sub-contractors and suppliers to maximise material sustainability and the recycling of construction material wherever possible. Environmental Management included the treatment of contaminated water as no water run off was allowed to enter the Swan River.

Civcon commenced Stage 2 in November 2018 for further site preparation and utility service installation on the development site. Works included excavation and installation of sewer pipes including micro-tunnelling for the sewer connection from the Waterbank site to the existing Water Corporation sewer main.


Reid highway extension rectification works


September 2016 – February 2017

Civcon were engaged by MacMahon Contractors to provide project management services, including onsite field supervision and subcontractor management, as part of the greater Reid Highway Extension Project for Main Roads WA. 

Civcon delivered rectification works to close out original defects and pavement failure from the project’s construction phase. The scope of works included:

·         Construction and demolition of a cross over to allow traffic flow through the works;

·         Profiling (2000 m2);

·         Asphalt works (3,500 m2);

·         Drainage works;

·         Line marking; and

·         Traffic control loop reinstatement. 

Civcon were involved in detailed planning of the works and liaising with several stakeholders including Main Roads, Golders Associates, the Shire of Middle Swan, MacMahon, and several subcontractors.

A significant feature of the project was the requirement to complete all works during a 72-hour shut down of Great Northern Highway, Roe Highway, Reid Highway and Middle Swan Road. This shutdown required major traffic management, with up to 24 traffic control personnel managing traffic flows and lane closures at any given time. 

reid highway 2.JPG

Curtin university main Street

November 2015 – November 2016


This project was the first to be delivered as part of the Curtin University Technology Park’s ‘Greater Curtin Master Plan’ to create a high quality landscaped shared space for future growth. Stage 1 involved the construction of a new road through Curtin University’s Bentley campus, while remaining an operational university with over 20,000 students using the campus facilities.

Civcon were heavily involved in the planning of the pedestrian interface design for ensuring seamless pedestrian movement throughout the campus. The scope of works involved demolition of roads, car parks, redundant in-ground services and playing fields, bulk earthworks, service installations including hydraulic, mechanical, electrical, communication, and irrigation infrastructure, and construction of roads, in-situ concrete carriageways, intersections, and PTA bus stops as well as installation of signage and line marking.

Civcon developed a collaborative partnership with the Curtin University committee and all key stakeholders, successfully delivering a range of project capabilities such as earthworks, utilities service infrastructure works, and structures. All works upheld the quality and aesthetics standards required by Curtin University.

CURTIN 4.jpg



December 2014 - December 2015

The Elizabeth Quay Redevelopment adjacent to the Swan River has created a landmark waterfront development reconnecting Perth CBD with the Swan River and offering a dynamic entertainment and leisure precinct. The first stage of the redevelopment involved service installations and the construction of parks, promenades, and an island with a connecting bridge. Civcon were contracted to deliver drainage, services, roadworks and streetscape works, involving 10,000m2 of paving, installation of water and gas service reticulation, electrical communications (including CCTV) and NBN conduit and pit installations, commissioning of the installed water reticulation, and installation of Intelligent Traffic System (ITS).

Due to the location of the project, quality control, safety and environmental performance, and stakeholder engagement were of the utmost importance to Civcon’s project team.

Civcon implemented effective traffic management controls, including major traffic changes, and collaboratively engaged with key stakeholders including; ATCO Gas Australia, Water Corporation, City of Perth, Main Roads WA, Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority, Broad Construction contractor and the general public.


Bridge 57 Replacement


September 2015 – November 2015

Bridge 57, located in Wellard, WA, and carrying essential communication lanes, was destroyed by a fire in January 2015. Civcon were contracted by Water Corporation to remove the existing piles and abutments and to replace with a new box-culvert bride.

The scope of works included the demolition of the damaged bridge involving the removal of the remnant structure from the original bridge below the foundation level of the replacement structure. The bridge was located over the Peel Main Drain which required excavation for structural foundations, dewatering and digging to sound foundation.

Civcon worked together with specialist concrete and mobile dewatering subcontractors and constructed in-situ base slab and apron slab to support the box culvert section. Other works included in-situ wingwalls and headwalls, backfill and rock protection around the walls.

The new bridge 57 was successfully delivered within a short timeframe to support Water Corporation in providing its services to the public.

bridge 57 2.JPG