Civcon are a prequalified contractor to deliver various works on behalf of the Water Corporation, ATCO Gas Australia and other leading service providers in Western Australia.


👥 ATCO Gas Australia

📅 Feb 16 ongoing

👥 ATCO Gas Australia

📅 Nov 15 - Feb 16

👥 Water Corporation

📅 2016 ongoing

👥 Water Corporation, ATCO Gas, City of Subiaco

📅 Aug 16 - Mar 17

👥 Water Corporation & ATCO Gas

📅 Oct 16 - Feb 17

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February 2016 – ongoing

Project Kaizen is an agreement between Civcon and ATCO Gas Australia (AGA) involving the construction and maintenance of the ATCO Gas Distribution System throughout the Perth Metro Area.

The works include constructions of new mains (approx. 20 km per annum), services and associated service offerings, including:

  • New Service Connections (Air Construction)

  • Replacement Mains

  • Mains Extension

  • Routine Meter Change

  • Maintenance

  • Multi-Occupancy

The Project teams use fleet/job management software for the management of daily job allocations, Service Level Agreement (SLA) commitments, and for the processing and reporting of internal and externally data. The software also provides ATCO direct access in an emergency situation to be able to locate resources and re-direct as required in real time.

Civcon successfully replaced 80 km of mains during Project Kaizen at several locations within Perth including Palmyra, Attadale, Fremantle, City Beach, Bentley and Claremont. Over 23 km of new mains have been constructed by Civcon at Perth Optus Stadium and in Hazelmere, Osborne Park, Middle Swan, Swan Valley, Malaga, Cannington, Murdoch, and Fremantle.

Civcon heavily invested in training both internal and sub-contractor personnel to be capable and flexible in undertaking the full scope of work by the Civcon project teams.

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Pipes for pertH


2016 – ongoing

Water Corporation are undertaking a water main renewal program to improve the security and reliability of Perth’s water supply. Sections of Perth’s water main network are over 100 years old and the replacement of the old cast iron pipes is required. Civcon have been awarded several of the contracts including Roe Street, Victoria Park, Cambridge Street, Nicholson Road, Hammersley & Keightly Road, Bayswater, and Package A.

The projects are located along major roads and in residential areas. Replacing the buried pipes has to be managed with minimal disruptions to surrounding residences, businesses and local traffic. The project teams work within restricted areas and develop construction solutions to fit the challenging locations. On the Coughlan and Subiaco Road project, an innovative extraction methodology to protect existing assets was created and resulted in time and cost savings for the client.

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rokeby road combined services project & streetscape

August 2016 – March 2017

Water Corporation and ATCO Gas collaboratively procured for the renewal of services through Rokeby Road in Subiaco. Civcon worked together with Water Corporation and ATCO Gas to manage the requirements of all parties and to upgrade the water and gas mains.

The City of Subiaco required a contractor for street upgrades including street lighting and communication conduits along Rokeby Road. Civcon were able to combine the design, service requirements and specifications of the three parties into one project.

Prior to commencement of the works, Civcon conducted a survey to locate existing services and then designed a common trench for all services to best fit the existing infrastructure on Rokeby Road. After the design was accepted by all parties, works was managed in sequence and proceeded efficiently to completion.

Civcon’s proactive planning and management of all stakeholders allowed works to be completed on schedule and to the satisfaction of all parties.

rokeby services.jpg

hay street gas and water main renewal

October 2016 – February 2017

Following the Rokeby Road Combined Services Project, Water Corporation and ATCO Gas Australia again engaged Civcon to renew water and gas mains in a combined services project along Hay Street in West Perth.

This project, under a Water Corporation contract, involved construction of 150 metres of a new DN250 PN16 PE water main via open excavation in the southern lane of Hay Street between Milligan Street and Elder Street, including all connections to fire hydrants and domestic services.

Civcon successfully managed the needs and expectations of a large number of stakeholders, including the residents and businesses in several large buildings adjacent to the work. A traffic management plan was put in place to ensure safe access to the site and residential and business properties, as well as maximising the safety and traffic flow for both pedestrians and motorists. Hay Street had to remain open as a thoroughfare at all times.

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Perth City Link Services Scheme

December 2013 - January 2017

This project involved a complex upgrade of services along Wellington Street, Kings Square, Milligan Street, King Street, Prince Lane, and Little Milligan Street to cater for the future demands of the Perth City Link Project. Works included stormwater drainage, water main installations, electrical pipe and ATCO Gas pipe installations. Civcon delivered this project successfully for the Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority (MRA).

The close proximity of the project to the Perth Arena presented a major challenge with a high number of events carried out during the project life. It was imperative to ensure the safe and efficient movement of approximately 15,000 personnel within small event timeframes through the works vicinity.

Civcon developed and implemented Community and Communication Management Plans, engaged regularly with key stakeholders, and conducted early stage planning to ensure public safety and access was effectively managed throughout the life of the project, without any incidents or complaints.

Kings St 1.jpg

Burswood metallic mains replacement

November 2015 – February 2016

This was Civcon’s first gas utilities project delivered for ATCO Gas Australia and the beginning of an ongoing and strong client relationship. The Burswood Metallic Replacement Project involved the replacement of old ATCO Gas metallic gas main infrastructure along Rutland Avenue and Kitchener Avenue, across the PTA railway, and along Canning Highway.

The project included the replacement of approximately 1.5 km of mains and associated services, including all traffic management and reinstatement associated with the works.

Given the location of the works, the project required operating around two of the major arteries into the Perth CBD that are known for heavy pedestrian and motor traffic especially during peak hour. It also required managing the needs and expectations of a large number of stakeholders, including the residents and businesses in the area, and other service authorities.

Civcon successfully delivered the project safely, within budget and on time, while meeting client and stakeholder expectations. Since 2016, Civcon have continued to work with ATCO Gas Australia on Project Kaizen – an agreement between the two companies for the construction and maintenance of the ATCO Gas Distribution system throughout the Perth Metro Area.